About Ahmad

I get paid for asking computers nicely to serve humans until they are aware enough to make humans obey them.
I am very enthusiastic about the domination of machines upon this world, so I am trying to Make 'Em succeed in this mission.

I've been born and raised in a tiny spot north Africa, a small city in Egypt to be exact, but then I realized as our sapiens ancestors wandered from there, it's time for me to wander as well...

I am now living in another tiny spot in Europe, as lost as you, waiting for the moment I know what to do next.

The picture above is how I look when I take shower.

Contact me

You may notice that there's no comment section in the blog. Instead, you can:

  1. Comment or Ask me anything here.
  2. My email is ahmgeek [AT] icloud [DOT] com
  3. If all of this is not enough, then think in me deeply; a mental-communication bridge may open up between us.